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Boka Ascension
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Address: Landuis Ascension, Westpunt, Curacao

Excellent for spotting flamingos and sea turtles, this natural beautiful bay has a feeling of wilderness and tranquillity. The bay belongs to Landhuis Ascension and is managed by Stichting Uniek Curacao.

The bay is also known as:

Playa Charomba which refers to the mouth of the bay where the Indians used to gather their salt.

Plastic Baai used to be covered by a thick layer of plastic. Curacao used to dump their waste in the sea at Hato. The current would carry the waste into the bay. In 1972 the bay was on fire for weeks, melting all the plastic which covered the water in a plastic film. Stichting Uniek Curacao has cleaned the bay several times. During the last clean-up operation more than 30 tons of waste was removed! The bay is not suitable for swimming because of its uneven depths, unclear water, large waves, strong currents and the huge amount
of sea urchins.
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