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Topper's Rhum
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Phone: 721-520-2266
Address: 113 Welfare Road,Simpson Bay
We started making flavored rhums for Topper’s Restaurants, based on my wife, Melanie’s concoctions. She had been perfecting their tastes since 1995 so that we could give a complimentary after dinner drink to our restaurants’ guests. Our customers loved our rhum, and constantly asked if we could bottle some for them to take home as a memory of their time here in St. Maarten. We quickly went from fulfilling individual requests for our guests out of our own kitchen to producing our own supply for the restaurants.
The taste is amazing! Just like our food, we pride ourselves on the quality and flavor. Topper’s Rhum uses natural flavors, characteristic of the tropics, blended with our premium Caribbean rhum to create a delicate and true-to-its-flavor spirit, with an undeniably smooth finish. We currently have in the market four distinctive gourmet flavors that are truly unique to Topper’s Rhum, and many other flavors that will be available seasonally.
We have chosen very attractive packaging, using...
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