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IFGUIDE, City Video Guide was founded in 2001 to help consumers find restaurants, nightspots, attractions and other leisure activities through interactive video presentations on a network of interactive touch screens distributed in the most prestigious Hotel lobbies throughout the US territory and the Caribbean islands. In 2004, City Video Guide become the exclusive video provider for HCP/Aboard Publishing, a division of The McClatchy Company, leveraging years of experience in the travel and tourism industries. In 2010 City Video Guide partnered with Uselabs, the leader technology provider in Content Management Systems and Video Delivery, expanding its distribution by making City Video Guide accessible through iPad, iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, and any mobile devices; and consolidating City Video Guide, Island Video Guide and Mountain Video Guide as the definitive state-of-the-art interactive video guide for the tourism industry.

Joyce Cromarty, Founder and Co-president, Customer Operations. Is also President of Taxi Video Guide, started out as a restaurant owner with two locations in New York City and another location in Italy. Her passion and respect for the hospitality industry inspired her to create a useful tool to provide concierges, hotel guests, travelers and tourists the opportunity to view an interactive video presentation of area restaurants, night spots and activities. These videos are widely acclaimed by both business owners and their patrons for the engaging and entertaining way in which they visually depict the ambiance and décor of these establishments. Business owners especially love them because of their demonstrated ability to drive traffic to their venues. In 2010, a new division of CVG was created, the Mountain Video Guide, which will cater to the Colorado skiing resort areas.

In 2007, Ms. Cromarty was presented an Honorary Membership by the Les Clefs D’Or, USA, which is an exclusive international association of professional hotel concierges. The video and technology provided by City Video Guide to HCP/Aboard,  a division of The McClatchy Company, is distributed on interactive touch screens in Hotel lobbies throughout the Caribbean and Miami. The videos are also used to promote these destinations pre-arrival so people can plan their trips to make the most of every minute and every dollar.

Sony G. Garcia, Co-president, Operations Management and Product Design, joined City Video Guide in 2010 and leads the company’s business operations and product design efforts. She is an entrepreneur, inventor and software designer. For two decades, her aim has been creating software concepts that are both functional and elegant, which lead numerous technology startups and media companies to outstanding success.

In 2004, she became chief executive officer of Sausage Labs, a division of the Australian company Sausage Software, later renamed Uselabs. The same year she lead the development and marketing of the first custom branded News Reader for clients like Chris Pirillo, PRWeb, Ford Motor Company and candidates for the US Presidential campaign.

In 2005 she invented SSE, the state of the art infrastructure for TV stations and news organizations which that encapsulated Web 2.0 websites and blogs with a centralized cloud based Content Management System. It included a fully integrated video platform, automatic synchronization with WSI weather radars, and built-in content aggregators. To this day, it is one of the core products of Uselabs, serving millions of viewers every month.

In 2009, she designed and developed the network of websites for TexasWatchdog, the award-winning and prestigious news organization covering government waste, abuse and fraud in Texas. In 2010, she lead the development of Lovingsports the successful social networking website for sport practitioners based in Europe.

Ivan Daunis, Co-president, Chief Technology Officer. Ivan joined City Video Guide in 2010, and leads the company’s application platform and product engineering. Ivan is an entrepreneur with a unique and creative background in many computer languages and environments. He has been developing technologies and software applications for more than 20 years.

Early in his beginnings as a computer hacker, and lecturer of C++, and assembler at 17 years, Ivan began his studies as a mathematician at the Autonomous University of Barcelona, but soon decided to devote himself to research projects and technological innovation for business.

In the year 2000, Ivan was the author of award-winning tools such as HyperClouds, Gif2Swf, Boomer, and contributor of HotDog HTML Editor and CoffeeCup products. In 2001, he founded Crazy Ivan Productions and Segon. which in 2004 merged with Sausage Labs later renamed Uselabs. Ivan became vice president in charge of technology, working on innovative projects for clients like ViewPoint, WKRN, McDonalds, New England Cable News, News Channel 5, and Franklin Center for Government and Public Integrity.

Over the years he has created protocols and technologies for diverse fields of the computer sciences: cryptography algorithms, real-time video streaming technologies and high-scalability systems such as Binary Tiers web development framework, a powerful application environment behind numerous high demand Internet applications like the IFGUIDE centralized infrastructure, a unique digital platform that orchestrates multimedia content and video delivery from the cloud to hundreds of Touch Screen Kiosks in the most prestigious tourist destinations.

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